JOB - The Complete Solution To Suffering
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The book of Job naturally divides
into 25 units---this is the 16th. We
plan to do 10 postings in the next 2
months finishing the translation on the 18th
of Kislev, Abraham Hendels yarzheit.

Today we translate chapter 25 which
according to the outline contains
- Bildads answer to Job

Eliphaz in Chapter 22 (Digest 14)
suggested that Job sinned thru INACTION.
In other words, Job did not help enough
widows orphans and poor people and that
is the reason for his suffering.

All of ROUND 3 will focus on this issue
if Jobs sin is one of NOT DOING ENOUGH.

Jobs first response to this claim is simple:
-- everyone knows that certain criminals
-- GET AWAY WITH IT. There are many powerful
-- criminals in the world. Therefore there
-- is a limit to how much one can help the
-- poor and destitute (because of the inability
-- to start up with powerful people)

Bildads response is clear:
-- But God creates both Government and anarchy
-- If a society was THAT corrupt that widows
-- couldnt be helped then God would destroy it
-- In other words there is still room for man
-- to help

Here is a summary which will grow as we
go thru Round 3
ELIPHAZ(ROUND 3):Job is wicked-doesnt help enough widows
JOB (ROUND 3): Wicked are Powerful;I can-t help everybody
BILDAD(ROUND 3):If it were that bad God would intervene

BILDAD(ROUND 3):It it were that bad God would intervene
(Jb25-02) (But) Both
(Jb25-02) ----- allowing Governments
(Jb25-02) ----- allowing fear/anarchy
(Jb25-02) are with Him
(Jb25-02) (Indeed) He Balances the Heavenly forces
(Jb25-03) His resources are innumerable
(Jb25-03) Who can escape His prophetic decrees
(Jb25-03) (So:If it were that bad God would intervene!)
(Jb25-04) So how can HUMANS acquit themselves to God
(Jb25-04) ---------- those BORN from acts of passion have merit
(Jb25-05) ---------- The MOON(forces of night): Gives no protection
(Jb25-05) ---------- The NATIONAL STARS have no merit in His eyes
(Jb25-06) ---------- Certainly SICK PEOPLE (have no merit)
(Jb25-06) ---------- Certainly DYING PEOPLE