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The book of Job naturally divides
into 25 units---this is the 18th. We
plan to do 8 postings in the next 2 weeks
finishing the translation on the 31st
of December.

CHAPTERS 26, and (27,28)
Job now speaks for 6 chapters.
Today we translate Chapter 26 that forms
one unit followed by 27-28 that forms
a second unit. We translate Chapter 29-31
in posting 19.

Chapters 26-29 according to
our outline contains
- Jobs response

To summarize Jobs response we first summarize
the THEME in the ROUND 3 dialogs.

Recall that the Book of Job discusses
why Job is suffering. Eliphaz in Chapter
22 (Digest 14) suggested that Job sinned
thru INACTION. In other words, Job did
not help enough widows, orphans and poor
people and that is the reason for his suffering.

All of ROUND 3 will focus on this issue:
Is Jobs sin one of NOT DOING ENOUGH?

Jobs first response to this claim is simple:
-- everyone knows that certain criminals
-- GET AWAY WITH IT. There are many powerful
-- criminals in the world. Therefore there
-- is a limit to how much one can help the
-- poor and destitute (because of the inability
-- to start up with powerful people)

Bildads response is clear:
-- But God creates both Government and anarchy
-- If a society was THAT corrupt that widows
-- couldn't be helped then God would destroy it
-- In other words there is still room for man
-- to help

Hence, Job has to again answer the original
question---Is he being punished for inaction--
for not doing enough?

Here is a summary of the dialog including Jobs response
ELIPHAZ(ROUND 3):Job is wicked-doesn't help enough widows
JOB (ROUND 3): Wicked are Powerful;I can-t help everybody
BILDAD(ROUND 3):If it were that bad God would intervene
JOB (ROUND 3): God swipes personalities(Powerful-weak)
JOB (ROUND 3): Man interested in physical pleasure not wisdom
JOB (ROUND 3): I am righteous---detailed listing of righteousness

In other words Job gives a detailed listing of his righteousness
thereby proving that he is not being punished for inaction.

Job also answers his friends. God is just..God takes powerful
personalities and makes them weak and vice verse(eg Pharoh). If
however a person has power and his time to become weak has not
YET come then it is wrong to ask Job to "do more" by defeating him.

Finally Job prefaces his comments on his righteousness by
pointing out that most people spend alot of their lives
trying to understand the rules governing physical pleasure...
people however do not spend time seeking wisdom. Wisdom simply
means doing what God commands--since God alone can understand
how to balance the needs of all personalities...Job then
shows how he spends his life helping widows orphans etc.

In short Job shows that
* he does help people
* Certain criminals are allowed to be wicked for a while
and it is not Jobs job to fight them
* Job does not sin thru inaction...on the contrary most people
spend their lives worrying about physical pleasure while
Job has spent his life seeking wisdom.
There is really nothing to complain about.

Before presenting the translation we note 3 points
We have introduced three ideas into the translation
of this set of chapters.

The chapter is NOT speaking
about Gods powers to make earthquakes and typhoons This
is well known and doesn't impress anybody. By using
personification we interpret these as personality
types--organized crime(Mountains), polynesians(water people),
politicians(land), wealth(North) That is, Gods power lies
in changing personalities (As He did to Pharoh)

- We interpret the chapter as dealing with PROPHECY
all refer to prophetic states and the orders that God

sexual symbols (Attraction, radiance, beauty, virginity,etc).
Again it doesn't ring right to say that people seek
silver and gold more than wisdom. In fact most people do
not seek silver and gold either. But these terms are universal
sexual symbols in almost all cultures. It does make sense to
state that people spend their lives worrying about the
transition from virginity to maturity, how to be attractive
etc and they pursue these goals more than they pursue wisdom.

While translation of specific passages may be controversial
I think the basic ideas that
- Gods greatness lies in his ability to change personalities
- Man is criticized for seeking physical pleasure more than wisdom
I think these two ideas sound. Such a translation approach is
mature and deep, dealing with reality.

Finally I take note that these 6 chapters as well as the
4 chapters of Elihu and the 2 final answers by God, in the
rest of the book, are among the most sublime and beautiful
poetic statements in all of literature, prophetic or otherwise.
For these chapters speak about the beauty of Gods greatness in
assigning personalities, mans weakness in seeking pleasure over
wisdom. Similarly the coming chapters dealing with Jobs list
of RIGHTEOUS DEEDS as well as the remainder of the book are all
beautiful poetic statements BOTH in content and form. I hope
readers will take the time to enjoy these as poetic pieces.

We now present the translation of the chapter
Therefore we separate Chapter 26 from Chapter 27,28
Similarly Chapter 29 begins AND JOB CONTINUED HIS
SYMBOLISM--so the last 3 chapters are one unit.

We can recognize most of the stops in these chapters
both by context and key words. The key words occurring
here are

Job26-02 Are you ... (Hebrew MAH)
Job26-05 THE
Job27-02 I SWEAR
Job27-08 FOR (Hebrew KI)
Job28-01 FOR (Hebrew KI)
Job28-12 And Wisdom where is it found(REFRAIN see next)
Job28-20 And Wisdom where is it found(REFRAIN see last)

Here is the chapter

------------- JOB ROUND 2 DIALOG 2 -------------------------
(Job Round 2) Gods power: Changes personalities(Strong-weak)
(Job26-02:04) Criticism of friends for stupid answers
(Job26-05:14) Gods power: Changes personalities(Strong-weak)

------------- JOB ROUND 2 DIALOG 2 -------------------------
(Job Round 2) WISDOM=Listening to God=He balances personalities
(Job27-02:06) I maintain my innocence; unjust sufferings
(Job27-07:23) Detailed listing of Jobs sufferings
(Job28-02:11) People spend lots of time seeking physical pleasure
(Job28-12:20) No one seeks wisdom--worth more than physical
(Job28-21:28) WISDOM = listening to God--He balances personalities

------------- SECTION 1 ------------------------------------
(Job Round 2) Gods power: Changes personalities(Strong-weak)
(Job26-02:04) Criticism of friends for stupid answers
(Jb26-02) Are you trying to HELP the helpless
(Jb26-02) -------------- to SAVE the arm with no strength
(Jb26-03) -------------- to ADVISE the stupid
(Jb26-03) -------------- to give MATURITY to the masses?
(Jb26-04) -------------- To whom are you talking?
(Jb26-04) -------------- Whose spirit are you trying to give?

------------- SECTION 2 ------------------------------------
(Job Round 2) Gods power: Changes personalities(Strong-weak)
(Job26-05:14) Gods power: Changes personalities(Strong-weak)
(Jb26-05) [Gods power and justice are well known]
(Jb26-05) ORGANIZED CRIME become corpses
(Jb26-05) --------------- replace the POLYNESIANS
(Jb26-06) Hell stands naked before Him(waiting for intimacy)
(Jb26-06) ----------- without clothing
(Jb26-07) He gives MATERIAL WEALTH to those with naught
(Jb26-07) --------- POLITICAL SOVEREIGNTY to nobodies
(Jb26-08) He restrains the POLYNESIANS
(Jb26-08) (until) their restraint cannot be broken
(Jb26-09) (until) they are under His Throne
(Jb26-09) (until) they are under His cloud (of prophecy)
(Jb26-10) He places a limitation on their polynesianness
(Jb26-10) allowing them to grasp the lights of prophecy and darkness
(Jb26-11) He weakens the pillars of heavenly prophecy
(Jb26-11) He startles-------------------------------- with his voice
(Jb26-12) With His MIGHT He scatters the polynesians
(Jb26-12) with His WISDOM he destroys their tribality
(Jb26-13) With His SPIRIT He pristines prophecy
(Jb26-13) --------------- He corpses the serpent state
(Jb26-14) Behold--these are outlines of His ways
(Jb26-14) Is there even a whisper against Him?
(Jb26-14) Who can really understand the thunder of prophecy?

------------------ SECTION 1 --------------------------------
(Job Round 2) WISDOM=Listening to God=He balances personalities
(Job27-02:06) I maintain my innocence; unjust sufferings
(Jb27-02) I swear to God: I have been mistreated
(Jb27-02) The Almighty has bittered me
(Jb27-03) As long as I have breath
(Jb27-03) ---------- the spirit of God is in me
(Jb27-04) I will not speak falsely
(Jb27-04) ---------------- deceitfully
(Jb27-05) God forbid that I should justify you
(Jb27-05) Until I die
(Jb27-05) I will maintain my innocence
(Jb27-06) I will defend my righteousness
(Jb27-06) I will not let go
(Jb27-06) I will never make my heart cold

------------------ SECTION 2 --------------------------------
(Job Round 2) WISDOM=Listening to God=He balances personalities
(Job27-07:23) Detailed listing of Jobs sufferings
(Jb27-07) (The truth of the matter is that
(Jb27-07) (The treatment I received is what wicked receive)
(Jb27-08) May it happen to the wicked as my enemies did to me
(Jb27-08) -------------------- crooked as those who arose on me
(Jb27-09) For what hope is there for the deceitful if he gains
(Jb27-09) Indeed God will ultimately take away his soul
(Jb27-10) And then will God hear his prayers
(Jb27-10) When bad things happen to him?
(Jb27-11) I will teach you about the hand of God
(Jb27-11) I will not hide what the Almighty does
(Jb27-12) Indeed, you have all seen it
(Jb27-12) Why then do you utter nonsense?
(Jb27-13) This (What happens to me)
(Jb27-13) ----- is what the wicked receive from God
(Jb27-13) ----- is what oppressors receive from Almighty
(Jb27-14) If his children multiply--they are for the sword
(Jb27-14) His descendants-- will not have enough to eat
(Jb27-15) His survivors----shall be buried alive
(Jb27-15) His widows ------will not mourn him
(Jb27-16) IF he gathers money like dust ---
(Jb27-16) -- he prepares clothing like clay---
(Jb27-17) (THEN) let him prepare...
(Jb27-17) ---- the righteous will wear it
(Jb27-18) If he builds a house--it is like a moth's net
(Jb27-18) ----------------------like a temporary watch booth
(Jb27-19) He lies down rich--but cannot gather the riches
(Jb27-19) he opens his eyes--but he sees not his riches
(Jb27-20) Fright overtakes him--like (raging) waters
(Jb27-20) A night of terror(overtakes him)-----like a typhoon
(Jb27-21) An east whirlwind carries him -- and he goes away
(Jb27-21) ----------------- storms him from his place
(Jb27-22) It(The whirlwind) hurls itself without mercy
(Jb27-22) even though he tries to flee it
(Jb27-23) (as the whirlwind so to society-they banish him)
(Jb27-23) They clap their hands on him(Like thunder)
(Jb27-23) and shriek him(like a whirlwind) from his place

------------------ SECTION 3 --------------------------------
(Job Round 2) WISDOM=Listening to God=He balances personalities
(Job28-02:11) People spend lots of time seeking physical pleasure
(Jb28-02) But PHYSICAL ATTRACTION has a source
(Jb28-02) --- there is a method to give PHYSICAL RADIANCE
(Jb28-03) --- VIRILITY starts with total effacement
(Jb28-03) (Man) ends the DARKNESS (of ignorance)
(Jb28-03) (Man) seeks methods for all goals---
(Jb28-03) ----------- the virility of darkness--the precursor of death
(Jb28-04) (Man) opens fountains of youth in the uninhabitated
(Jb28-04) ------------------------------ in the non-walked
(Jb28-04) ------------------------------ in no-mans land
(Jb28-05) Virgin land: yet from her come breasts
(Jb28-05) ----------- she replaces burning desire
(Jb28-06) Her coldness is a source of sapphiric-beauty
(Jb28-06) The hints of physical radiance belong to him
(Jb28-07) [Mankind seeks physical relations in all people]
(Jb28-07) ...(in) the paths unknown to birds
(Jb28-07) ...-------------- unseen by birds
(Jb28-08) ...-------------- not trodden by beasts
(Jb28-08) ...-------------- not approached by lions
(Jb28-09) He stretches forth his hand on people cold as rocks
(Jb28-09) He overturns them....for the anal stage
(Jb28-10) From those cold as rock--he bursts force streams
(Jb28-10) -------------------------all preciousness is seen
(Jb28-11) And to those who flow like rivers--
(Jb28-11) He introduces restraint--not a droplet comes out
(Jb28-11) From the hidden, (Man) brings forth to light

------------------ SECTION 4 --------------------------------
(Job Round 2) WISDOM=Listening to God=He balances personalities
(Job28-12:20) No one seeks wisdom--worth more than physical
(Jb28-12) But wisdom---what is its source?
(Jb28-12) Where is the land of understanding?
(Jb28-13) People don't even care about wisdom
(Jb28-13) It cannot really be found in ordinary life
(Jb28-14) Hell says: You won't find it here
(Jb28-14) The polynesians says: We don't have it
(Jb28-15) Physical radiance would not be EXCHANGED for wisdom
(Jb28-15) Physical attraction would not be PURCHASED for wisdom
(Jb28-16) Wisdom cannot be PRAISED by comparison with
(Jb28-16) pure physical radiance, preciousness or sapphiric beauty
(Jb28-17) Wisdom cannot be EVALUATED thru radiance and good looks
(Jb28-17) Wisdom can't be EXCHANGED for physical radiance
(Jb28-18) (When talking about wisdom)
(Jb28-18) Other physical virtues aren't even mentioned
(Jb28-18) the breadth of wisdom surpasses rubies
(Jb28-19) (Indeed) Wisdom can't be exchanged for African studdedness
(Jb28-19) --------------- won't be praised as like physical radiance

------------------ SECTION 5 --------------------------------
(Job Round 2) WISDOM=Listening to God=He balances personalities
(Job28-21:28) WISDOM = listening to God--He balances personalities
(Jb28-20) (So if wisdom is so valuable why do men waist their
(Jb28-20) lives seeking physical satisfaction)
(Jb28-20) But wisdom---what is its source
(Jb28-20) Where is the land of understanding?
(Jb28-21) It is hidden in ordinary life
(Jb28-21) It is hidden even from prophets
(Jb28-22) But hell and death say
(Jb28-22) We have heard a rumor
(Jb28-23) - God understands the path of wisdom
(Jb28-23) - He knows her place
(Jb28-24) - For God sees all of human existence
(Jb28-24) - ------------ all of prophetic existence
(Jb28-25) - ------- balances all personalities
(Jb28-25) - ------- He gives emotional satisfaction in measurement
(Jb28-26) - ------- He gives a decree for growth
(Jb28-26) - ------- He gives a path for prophecies
(Jb28-27) Then God
(Jb28-27) -------- sees Wisdom
(Jb28-27) -------- talks about it
(Jb28-27) --------- Prepares it and
(Jb28-27) --------- investigates it
(Jb28-28) And God says to man:
(Jb28-28) Fearing God -- that is Wisdom
(Jb28-28) Avoiding evil- ------- understanding