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The book of Job naturally divides
into 25 units---this is the 23rd. We
plan to do 3 postings this week
finishing the translation on
Dec 31st.

It is a central doctrine of Judaism that God
is Just. It is similarly a central doctrine
that God INFORMED man of this justice. In fact,
a 6-part Solution to Suffering that is completely
satisfactory intellectually may be found in the
last 8 chapters of Job. The solution to suffering
presented is as follows:

----------------- FINAL SOLUTION TO SUFFERING ------------
------------God uses dreams to prevent man
------------from excessive indulgence
-------------- God doesn't kill wicked immediately;
-------------- God waits for prayer for guidance
------------- Our actions thoughts and complaints
------------- mold our personality and gradually
------------- change it; we must therefore see
------------- all acts of God as meaningful
------------ Suffering prepares man for dreams & prophecies
----------- God uses Growth pains;
---------- enables man to have different personalities
------ Purpose of absolute pain is
----- to separate from (a) sexual ties (b) national ties

We shall discuss each of these 6 points separately
in its place.

Todays posting is the most dramatic and the
most challenging in applicability in the entire book.
There is no doubt that Chapters 36 and 37 are
a beautiful symbolic description of 5 components
of prophecy. These 5 components are in fact ALSO
FOUND in the Revelation of the Decalogue at
Ex19 and Ex20 and are found with almost identical
symbols. The Five components of prophecy described are
- SNOW-ICE-COLDNESS = abstention from marital relations
- CLOUD = confusion before the prophecy
- LIGHTNING = the light of prophetic revelation
- THUNDER = the pain of prophetic revelation
-------- = finding out things we didn't know
- WATER DROPLETS = knowledge; knowledge of Gods Will
Three of these 5 symbols (LIGHTNING, THUNDER, CLOUD)
occur explicitly at Ex19 and Ex20.

Notice how prophecy has as a prerequisite painful
the revelation of prophecy is compared to LIGHTNING
and THUNDER which can also be painful. Thus we see
that SUFFERING and PAIN are intrinsic prerequisites
to prophecy.

But now we must come to grips with the book.
a) Is Elihu stating that only prophets can see
the solution to suffering?
b) Must we become prophets to solve our own
personal suffering? If not why mention this.

The answer to the above two questions is simple
and clear. Just as suffering is a prerequisite
to ACTUAL PROPHECY so too are suffering and pain
prerequisites to ordinary DREAMS which
tell us surprising things. Hence Elihu's answer
does have relevance to us since suffering can
prepare us for dreams on shocking things.

But more importantly we OURSELVES need not become
prophets. Suffering may serve to REMIND us of
the prophetic revelation at Sinai which our
ancestors had--that is suffering and pain can
equally prepare us for PROPHECY TO COME or

Focusing on the book we see an added dimension
to Elihu's answer---IMMEDIATELY after Elihu's speech
we see that God speaks to Job. Thus indeed,
Jobs suffering prepared him (Job) for the 2
prophetic encounters which occurred at the end
of the book.

In summary Elihu's 4th speech tell us that
- Suffering prepares us for informative dreams
- Suffering reminds us of the Sinaitic revelation
This has relevance to us (Without our becoming
prophets). Additionally
- Job's suffering prepared him for his own
prophetic encounter with God.

Here is the outline of todays posting.

(ELIHU #4) Suffering/pain prepares us for dreams/prophecies
(Jb36-02:04) I will give a lofty defense of God
(Jb37-05:21) God uses suffering to reveal knowledge
(Jb36-22:13) Cold pains(Abstention) necessary for prophecy
(Jb37-14:24) Job - face it - Acknowledge Gods justice

This is important. The other friends sinned against Job.
If Jobs suffering for example interfered with his marriage
then his friends accused him of mistreating his wife! By
contrast Elihu did NOT accuse him of mistreating his wife.
Instead Elihu said that the interfered marriage was a
necessary preparation for prophetic revelation.

Although the paragraph breakpoints can be inferred from
context they also can alternatively be inferred from
the skillful use of keywords.
- BEHOLD GOD (This key phrase occurs twice)

Here is the detailed translation.

-------------- SECTION 1 -----------------------------------
(ELIHU #4) Suffering/pain prepares us for dreams/prophecies
(Jb36-02:04) I will give a lofty defense of God
(Jb36-02) Treat me like a king for a sec
(Jb36-02) and I will express to you my opinion
(Jb36-02) because I have more words for (defense of) God
(Jb36-03) I will toast my knowledge to the distances
(Jb36-03) Thereby giving justification to my Craftsman
(Jb36-04) For indeed: My words are not false
(Jb36-04) With you is (me,) a simple-minded person

------------------- SECTION 2-------------------------------
(ELIHU #4) Suffering/pain prepares us for dreams/prophecies
(Jb37-05:21) God uses suffering to reveal knowledge
(Jb36-05) Behold God:
(Jb36-05) God is mighty - but does not despise
(Jb36-05) ------ mighty - --- strong hearted
(Jb36-06) HE WILL not let the wicked live
(Jb36-06) HE WILL give justice to the poor
(Jb36-07) HE WILL not detract Providence from the righteous
(Jb36-07) ------------------------------ from throned Kings
(Jb36-07) HE WILL give eternal power --
(Jb36-07) HE WILL raise them
(Jb36-08) AND IF they are bound in chains
(Jb36-08) ----------- are trapped in the nets of poverty
(Jb36-09) THEN He is simply telling them their deeds
(Jb36-09) ------------------------------ their sins
(Jb36-09) ... when they (the sins) threaten to become overwhelming
(Jb36-10) THEN he uncovers their ears for rebuke
(Jb36-10) He is talking -- so that they can repent from iniquity
(Jb36-11) (SO) IF they listen and work on it
(Jb36-11) THEN they will complete their days well
(Jb36-11) ----------------------------- years pleasantly
(Jb36-12) (SO) IF they don't listen
(Jb36-12) THEN they will pass in the vicissitudes of nature
(Jb36-12) THEN they will die without knowing
(Jb36-13) BUT
(Jb36-13) --- the flatters provoke His Anger
(Jb36-13) --- They don't (even) pray when bound
(Jb36-14) --- Their spiritual aspirations die in youth
(Jb36-14) --- Their liveliness (DIES) like prostitutes
(Jb36-15) (BY CONTRAST)
(Jb36-15) --- He (God) does snatch the poor from his poverty
(Jb36-15) --- He (God) does open their ears thru their abuse
(Jb36-16) AND EVEN YOU
(Jb36-16) --- He has seduced you from distress
(Jb36-16) --- (to) wide (territories) not replaced (yet)by buildings
(Jb36-16) --- the pleasantries of your table are meadow-like
(Jb36-17) --- You-ve had your fill of convictions of wickedness?
(Jb36-17) --- ----------------of being grabbed by Justices and Police?
(Jb36-18) FOR INDEED
(Jb36-18) --- Gods anger
(Jb36-18) --- ...prevents (you from failing in) doubt
(Jb36-18) --- ...-------- deviating from many bribes(temptations)
(Jb36-19) WOULD
(Jb36-19) --- you have prayed if you weren't in straights?
(Jb36-19) --- ----------------------------- hit by strong forces?
(Jb36-20) --- (By bringing tribulations on you God prevents...)
(Jb36-20) --- you have abstained from yearning for the night life
(Jb36-20) --- thereby to elevate your position among the nations
(Jb36-21) --- you have watched yourself -- not turning to iniquity
(Jb36-21) Isn't this (use of tribulations to prevent sin)
(Jb36-21) ......... preferable to becoming spiritually impoverished

----------------- SECTION 3 --------------------------------
(ELIHU #4) Suffering/pain prepares us for dreams/prophecies
(Jb36-22:13) Cold pains(Abstention) necessary for prophecy
(Jb36-22) (As already indicated 5 components of prophecy are given)
(Jb36-22) (ICE-SNOW(Abstention),CLOUDS(Confusion),LIGHTNING(Prophecy)
(Jb36-22) (THUNDER(pain of Prophecy), WATER(Knowledge))
(Jb36-22) (These concepts are also mentioned )
(Jb36-22) (at the Sinaitic revelation Ex19,20)
(Jb36-22) Behold God
(Jb36-22) He Heightens Himself thru his Power
(Jb36-22) WHO can teach like him
(Jb36-23) WHO ordered on Him His path
(Jb36-23) WHO says: You, (God), have committed wrong
(Jb36-24) Give memorial so that you can magnify His Work
(Jb36-24) .... which men have visioned
(Jb36-25) All Gentlemen have grasped this
(Jb36-25) and the rif-rafs distantly see it
(Jb36-26) Indeed: God is Towering -- we cannot know
(Jb36-26) The stories of His Years are unfathomable
(Jb36-26) ...
(Jb36-27) For God lets go of the droplets of His Knowledge
(Jb36-27) He pristines rain for His Cloud
(Jb36-28) ...which sprinkles from the High Heavens
(Jb36-28) ...which make fertile(for prophecy) many people
(Jb36-29) He builds a cloud covering
(Jb36-29) His Tent (of prophecy) are the Thunderclouds
(Jb36-30) Behold -- he spreads on them the prophetic light
(Jb36-30) Uncovering the roots of the sea of knowledge
(Jb36-31) For thru them(prophecy) God judges nations
(Jb36-31) ----------------------- God gives abundant spiritual food
(Jb36-32) Thru Small clouds He covers up prophecy
(Jb36-32) He commands their opening thru prayer
(Jb36-33) The friends of these clouds will testify
(Jb36-33) Acquisition (Of prophecy happens) when prayers go up
(Jb37-01) But at the following my heart is frightened
(Jb37-01) It skips a beat
(Jb37-02) We hear the news: Thru His Voice, there is Anger
(Jb37-02) ---------------- From His lips a murmur of light(ning)
(Jb37-03) (The light murmur) It soaks the entire heavens
(Jb37-03) ------------------ its light to the far corners of the land
(Jb37-04) After it (the lightning) roars a noise
(Jb37-04) He shatters it (the thunder) with His High Voice
(Jb37-05) God shatters with His voice wondrously
(Jb37-05) He makes Great things that we can't understand
(Jb37-06) For God ordered the Cold-Snow of abstention on the people
(Jb37-06) --------------- the water droplets of knowledge
(Jb37-06) --------------- the droplets of His Mighty Rain(The Torah)
(Jb37-07) Thru this (The Coldness of abstention)
(Jb37-07) --------- God seals ones humanity
(Jb37-07) --------- God makes known mans capacity for great deeds
(Jb37-08) --------- the beast in us seeks a lair
(Jb37-08) --------- --------------- seeks dwelling only in proper time
(Jb37-09) --------- FROM the bedroom comes a tornado of confusion
(Jb37-09) --------- FROM the estrangement comes the ice-cold
(Jb37-10) --------- FROM the very spirit of God comes the ice-cold
(Jb37-10) --------- the flow of (marital) relations is iced over
(Jb37-11) AND EVEN DURING THIS(period of coldness)
(Jb37-11) --------- God heavies the clouds(of prophecy)with saturation
(Jb37-11) --------- the clouds that will disperse Gods prophetic light
(Jb37-12) All the above are the causes (of prophecy)
(Jb37-12) ------------- are twisting machinations
(Jb37-12) ------------- for His (prophetic) work
(Jb37-12) ...for any orders that he gives the planet or country
(Jb37-13) ...WHETHER for a state
(Jb37-13) ...WHETHER for a whole nation
(Jb37-13) ...WHETHER to produce Grace where He may want it

-------------------- SECTION 4 --------------------------------------
(ELIHU #4) Suffering/pain prepares us for dreams/prophecies
(Jb37-14:24) Job - face it - Acknowledge Gods justice
(Jb37-14) Understand the above, Job
(Jb37-14) Stand up ---
(Jb37-14) Examine the wonders of God
(Jb37-15) CAN YOU APPRECIATE when God places the above on people
(Jb37-15) ------------------ how his Prophetic light comes
(Jb37-16) CAN YOU APPRECIATE the spreading of his clouds
(Jb37-16) ------------------ the wonders of His perfect knowledge
(Jb37-17) (CAN YOU) whose clothes are (sexually) hot
(Jb37-17) --------- whose tranquillity comes from the south(Tribal)
(Jb37-18) CAN YOU make heavenly prophecies?
(Jb37-18) CAN YOU give strong mirror like visions?
(Jb37-19) (CAN YOU?) Tell us
(Jb37-19) ------------------ What we should answer Him?
(Jb37-19) ------------------ For there is no value to a night life
(Jb37-20) ---------- Has it already been told him?
(Jb37-20) ---------- Would you rather I speak?
(Jb37-20) ---------- Is this knowledge common cliches
(Jb37-20) ---------- that we should simply cover the matter up?
(Jb37-21) AND NOW
(Jb37-21) ------- If you don't see the prophetic light?
(Jb37-21) ------- It (prophecy) is (nevertheless) pristine in
(Jb37-21) ------- When the proper spirit purifies them(the night life)
(Jb37-22) ------- Then Gold(Lightning) bursts forth from the northern-
(Jb37-22) Is this not majestic splendor on Gods (Justice)
(Jb37-23) The Almighty? -- have we not thus found Him
(Jb37-23) majestic in strength
(Jb37-23) Can just acts and much charity refute the above arguments
(Jb37-24) Therefore (Because of prophetic encounter) people fear him
(Jb37-24) --------- (because he reveals) what the wise cannot see