JOB - The Complete Solution To Suffering
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The book of Job naturally divides
into 25 units---this is the 25th.
With todays posting we complete
the translation of the book

It is a fundamental doctrine of Judaism that God is
Just. It is similarly a fundamental doctrine of Judaism
that God informed man of HOW He is Just. The final solution
to the reason for pain and suffering is contained in
the last two chapters of Job.

I emphasize several points which are often overlooked.
The last two chapters of Job are PROPHETIC STATEMENTS.
Hence our laws obligate us to believe in them.

The Simple summary of the solution to suffering is that
absolute pain (the type that inhibits growth) is needed
for two things
- To separate us from excess sex
  The Book of Job pictures sex with the animal image
  of ANIMALITY. I think it clear that Chapter 40 is
  describing an act of lovemaking. For people to acquire
  the disciplines to do this properly requires pain.

- To separate us from national ties
  A classical example of this idea is the Talmudic opinion
that Job was a high-ranking officer in Egypt. However no one
would just pack his bags and leave. There are too many strong ties.
Rather, the pain of prophecy is needed to facilitate separation.

A more modern example might be the German Holocaust. A person
fleeing Germany in the early 40s because, as happened with
Job, his business crashed and his family fell apart, would be
saving his life

- The national ties are also symbolized by the Leviathan
Since LEVIATHAN comes from the root Lamed-Vav-Hey---to
be tied to someone (Love, mourning, loans, attachment to
a group), I have therefore translated this as LOVEBEAST
That is, the beast of National Loves and ties.

- The Bible details why ABSOLUTE PAIN is needed for the
separation. Four arguments are given

-- You can't just "negotiate" to break national ties the way
e.g. you negotiate to divorce or to terminate a business. National
ties are always powerful and hard to fight. The nation does
not owe anyone anything. It has no weak points

-- Every nation (even Egypt!) has made "medals" and
accomplishments. These accomplishments blind the nation
to its faults so it can't correct them.

-- There are always little national errors cropping up
(Job compares them to sneezes and scabs). These trigger
off prophecies which warn us of what will happen. The
prophecy is painful because the national ties are so

-- Finally the nations people are always OBSTINATE
on national ties. They don't want to separate.

Here is the outline of todays posting

(GOD #2) Pain fights a)ANIMALITY(sex) b)LOVEBEAST(National ties)
(Jb40-01:05) Job answers God:No one can grow while in pain
(Jb40-06:14) If Job can make prophecy then I(God)will apologize
(Jb40-15:24) Pain needed to control our ANIMALITY(Sex)
(Jb40-25:32) NATIONAL TIES irresistible-pain need to separate
(Jb41-01:09) NATIONAL TIES--many accomplishments-can't be beaten
(Jb41-10:13) Painful prophecy separates us from national errors
(Jb41-14:26) Pain needed because NATIONAL TIES obstinate

The breaks in todays posting are made by content. Thus one paragraph
speaks about ANIMALITY(sex) while other paragraphs speak
about the LEVIATHAN(LOVEBEAST--NationalTies). The paragraphs
on NationalTies speak about the great strength of national
ties and how only pain can separate us from it.

Jobs friends spoke about changes Job had to make.Job was
a sinner and had to repent. By contrast, God doesn't accuse
Job of sinning. Job is simply involved with his nation. He
has done nothing wrong. ON THE CONTRARY--Job is very righteous
and therefore must separate from them. God simply requires
Job to leave his nation. Because of the strength of national
ties this must be communicated with thru pain, not logic.

It is very very important to emphasize that Job (in Chapter
42) acknowledges that God is correct. Job argued with everyone
throughout the book (Job even argues with God). If Job did
not find Gods explanation satisfactory he would have
said so. But on the contrary--Job does find it satisfactory.
Job rightly says in Chapter 42

- I had only heard about your justice
- but now I actually see it

Even if the reader does not think that separation from
national ties is the solution to evil, nevertheless it
is clear that Job did so think.

Here is the detailed translation

-------------------- SECTION 1 ---------------------------
(GOD #2) Pain fights a)ANIMALITY(sex) b)LOVEBEAST(National ties)
(Jb40-01:05) Job answers God:No one can grow while in pain
(Jb40-01) GOD SAYS
(Jb40-01) --------
(Jb40-02) Because you have disputes,
(Jb40-02) argue with God
(Jb40-02) think a debate with God will give answers
(Jb40-03) JOB SAYS
(Jb40-03) --------
(Jb40-04) Indeed, my argument is light
(Jb40-04) I don't have much more to answer you
(Jb40-04) (I will state it) and seal my lips
(Jb40-05) I said it already once
(Jb40-05) and wasn't answered then
(Jb40-05) I will not repeat it a second time
(Jb40-05) (Jobs argument is that....)
(Jb40-05) (Certain types of pain make growth impossible)
(Jb40-05) (I am in severe then can I grow)
(Jb40-05) (The answers provided thus far do not address this)

--------------------------- SECTION 2 --------------------
(GOD #2) Pain fights a)ANIMALITY(sex) b)LOVEBEAST(National ties)
(Jb40-06:14) If you can make prophecy then I(God)will apologize
(Jb40-06) God responds to Job from a Tornado
(Jb40-07) He(God) said
(Jb40-07) Stand up like a man
(Jb40-07) I will ask and you let me know
(Jb40-08) Will you really nullify My judgement
(Jb40-08) --------------- declare Me wicked so you look good
(Jb40-09) DO YOU HAVE prophetic strength like God
(Jb40-09) ----------- prophetic voice that thunders
(Jb40-10) (IF SO THEN) adorn yourself in Bigness
(Jb40-10) (----------) Dress up in splendor and radiance
(Jb40-11) (----------) Spread your anger and
(Jb40-11) (----------) subdue the arrogant
(Jb40-12) (----------) See the arrogant and conquer them
(Jb40-12) (----------) crush the wicked in their place
(Jb40-13) (----------) Bury them in dust
(Jb40-13) (----------) mummify their faces
(Jb40-14) AND THEN I also will apologize to you
(Jb40-14) Because your prophetic power saves

---------------- SECTION 3 -------------------------------
(GOD #2) Pain fights a)ANIMALITY(sex) b)LOVEBEAST(National ties)
(Jb40-15:24) Pain needed to control our ANIMALITY(Sex)
(Jb40-15) Behold
(Jb40-15) ANIMALITY(i.e. sex)
(Jb40-15) ------ I have placed it in you
(Jb40-16) ------ It is strong in the groin
(Jb40-16) ------ Its virility surrounds the stomach
(Jb40-17) ------ (The following describes the erection)
(Jb40-17) ------ During desire the tail becomes cedar-like
(Jb40-17) ------ The sinews of the point grows
(Jb40-18) ------ (Till they are hard as)
(Jb40-18) ------ Bones -- (like) molten copper
(Jb40-18) ------ Support bones -- iron slabs
(Jb40-19) ------ ........................
(Jb40-19) ------ This is but the beginning
(Jb40-19) ------ of understanding Gods ways(in suffering)
(Jb40-19) ------ He who makes it (an erection)
(Jb40-19) ------ must approach cautiously as if with sword
(Jb40-20) ------ (The following describes the remainder of the act)
(Jb40-20) ------ For it(the erection)
(Jb40-20) ------ ------ takes the food of mountainous breasts
(Jb40-20) ------ ------ all emotions are played with there
(Jb40-20) ------ ------ lying in
(Jb40-21) ------ ------ ---------the shadows
(Jb40-21) ------ ------ ---------the hidden places
(Jb40-21) ------ ------ ---------reeds and mud
(Jb40-22) ------ ------ Branches cover its shadows
(Jb40-22) ------ ------ surrounded by brook-willows
(Jb40-23) ------ ------ Behold
(Jb40-23) ------ ------ A river(ejaculation) mugs it
(Jb40-23) ------ ------ but it doesn't bother it
(Jb40-23) ------ ------ it has manly confidence
(Jb40-23) ------ ------ that the river will reach its mouth
(Jb40-24) ------ ------ It grabs the eye
(Jb40-24) ------ ------ thru snares, it pierces the nose

------------------ SECTION 4 -----------------------------
(GOD #2) Pain fights a)ANIMALITY(sex) b)LOVEBEAST(National ties)
(Jb40-25:32) National ties irresistable-pain need to separate
(Jb40-25) The LOVEBEAST(Love of nation,values...)
(Jb40-25) ------------- WILL YOU pull it in a net
(Jb40-26) ------------- WILL YOU tie its tongue with cords
(Jb40-26) ------------- WILL YOU place a hook in its nose
(Jb40-26) ------------- WILL YOU thorn its cheeks
(Jb40-27) ------------- .....................
(Jb40-27) ------------- (And even if you did)
(Jb40-27) ------------- WILL IT (then) ask for mercy(from you)
(Jb40-27) ------------- WILL IT (then) speak to you softly
(Jb40-28) ------------- WILL IT make a treaty with you
(Jb40-28) ------------- ......................
(Jb40-28) ------------- (And even if it did)
(Jb40-28) ------------- WILL YOU take it as hostage
(Jb40-29) ------------- WILL YOU play with it like a bird
(Jb40-29) ------------- WILL YOU tie it for your children
(Jb40-30) ------------- WILL YOU let your friends prepare a meal
(Jb40-30) ------------- WILL YOU let merchants divide it up
(Jb40-31) ------------- WILL YOU fill in his skin(as a trophy)
(Jb40-31) ------------- WILL YOU fish-shadow his head(as a trophy)
(Jb40-32) ------------- (And even if you did)
(Jb40-32) ------------- WILL YOU place your hand on it
(Jb40-32) ------------- WILL YOU say: Remember the war
(Jb40-32) ------------- WILL YOU say: This will not happen again

---------------- SECTION V -------------------------------
(GOD #2) Pain fights a)ANIMALITY(sex) b)LOVEBEAST(National ties)
(Jb41-01:09) National ties--many accomplishments-can't be beaten
(Jb41-01) Behold -- to hope to catch him(LOVEBEAST) is foolish
(Jb41-01) ------ -- one is taken even at the sight of him
(Jb41-02) ------ It would be cruel to even start up with him
(Jb41-02) ------ (LOVEBEAST brags)
(Jb41-02) ------ ------ WHO is it that will stand up to me
(Jb41-02) ------ ------ WHO came before me that I owe him
(Jb41-03) ------ ------ Do I not own all under heaven
(Jb41-04) ------ ------ I will not be silent if someone
(Jb41-04) ------ ------ -------- so lies(that I owe him)
(Jb41-04) ------ ------ -------- has bragging words
(Jb41-04) ------ ------ -------- charming self-evaluations
(Jb41-05) ------ ------ WHO can wear his clothes
(Jb41-05) ------ ------ WHO can put on his coat
(Jb41-06) ------ ------ WHO can force him to talk
(Jb41-06) ------ ------ there is terror at the sight of his teeth
(Jb41-07) ------ ------ A stream of medals - is his pride
(Jb41-07) ------ ------ Closed with a tight seal
(Jb41-08) ------ ------ They (the medals) (are so crowded that)
(Jb41-08) ------ ------ ---- bump into one another
(Jb41-08) ------ ------ ---- with no space between them
(Jb41-09) ------ ------ ---- stick to one another
(Jb41-09) ------ ------ ---- they get entangled in one another
(Jb41-09) ------ ------ ---- they can't be separated

------------------ SECTION 6 -----------------------------
(GOD #2) Pain fights a)ANIMALITY(sex) b)LOVEBEAST(National ties)
(Jb41-10:13) Painful prophecy separates us from national errors
(Jb41-10) His (LOVEBEASTS)
(Jb41-10) ------ SNEEZES (sickness) induce prophetic light
(Jb41-10) ------ EYES (privacy invasions) are the dawn of prophecy
(Jb41-11) ------ From his MOUTH(decrees) Prophecy comes
(Jb41-11) ------ --------------the sparks of prophetic fire that will
(Jb41-12) ------ From his NOSTRILS(anger) comes the smoke of Prophecy
(Jb41-12) ------ ................. like a breezy pot or a (burning)marsh
(Jb41-13) ------ SOUL(national philosophy)inflames the coals of prophecy
(Jb41-13) ------ and then From his MOUTH(Decrees) the prophetic torch

---------------- SECTION 7 -------------------------------
(GOD #2) Pain fights a)ANIMALITY(sex) b)LOVEBEAST(National ties)
(Jb41-14:26) Pain needed because national ties obstinate
(Jb41-14) ------ (Why is prophecy needed to fight LOVEBEAST)
(Jb41-14) ------ Because Brazenness inns in his NECK (Obstinacy)
(Jb41-14) ------ ------- depression dances in his PRESENCE
(Jb41-15) ------ ------- his SCABS(mistakes/errors) stick
(Jb41-15) ------ ------- --------- are bound to him, not faltering
(Jb41-16) ------ ------- his HEART(opinions) is moltened like stone
(Jb41-16) ------ ------- --------- moltened like a bottom stone
(Jb41-17) ------ ------- his STANCE(values) makes judges fear
(Jb41-17) ------ ------- his DEALS lead people to sin
(Jb41-18) ..............................
(Jb41-18) ------ -------- Those pursuing him with sword
(Jb41-18) ------ -------- ......... will not last
(Jb41-18) ------ -------- ......... ------------- spears
(Jb41-18) ------ -------- ......... ------------- shields
(Jb41-18) ------ -------- ......... ------------- armored coats
(Jb41-19) ------ -------- He treats iron as stubble
(Jb41-19) ------ -------- --------- copper as rotted wood
(Jb41-20) ------ -------- The child of the bow will not make him flee
(Jb41-20) ------ -------- Rocketed stones are like stubble
(Jb41-21) ------ -------- clubs are like stubble
(Jb41-21) ------ -------- He laughs at bombs and fires
(Jb41-22) ------ -------- (When he walks--i.e. does projects)
(Jb41-22) ------ -------- ---------He cracks paths underneath him
(Jb41-22) ------ -------- sharp clay
(Jb41-22) ------ -------- ---------like furrows embroidered in mud
(Jb41-23) ------ -------- ---------He foams (a sea) like a steaming pot
(Jb41-23) ------ -------- ---------He places like crushed perfume the sea
(Jb41-24) ------ -------- ---------His static electricity illumines paths
(Jb41-24) ------ -------- ---------the deep is like a mere entanglement
(Jb41-25) ------ -------- There is nothing on earth comparable(To LOVEBEAST)
(Jb41-25) ------ -------- ---------------- made to be so without fear
(Jb41-26) ------ -------- He sees all big things
(Jb41-26) ------ -------- He(LOVEBEAST) reigns over all brazen