Parshat Massei
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30 Rashi Rules
Nu01-02aREFERENCECount by FAMILY (Nu01-02) = count by TRIBE (Nu01-05:06); Count by HEAD (Nu01-02) = count by HALF DOLLARS (Ex30-12:13, Ex38-26)
Nu03-07aMEANINGSMR = Shin Mem Resh means PROFESSIONALISM: a) Training and b) Standards
Nu03-06aSTYLELevites will help Aaron BY serving the temple.
Nu03-09aFORMATMoses and XX Aaron XX count (census) the Levites - Aaron is stricken (XX XX), not counted in census.
Nu03-38aDATABASEGood neighborhoods have positive influence (Moses lived near Judah, Issacar, Zevulun)
Nu03-39b Nu03-50aNON-VERSRE(22300 Levites) minus (300 Levite 1st born) = 22000 non first born levites vs. 22273 first born leaves 273 unpaired firstborn.
Nu11-01bMEANINGALEPH-VUV-NUN refers to STRUGGLE: The root can mean a) Virility b) Struggle c) Mourning d) Complain
Nu14-17b Nu14-20aREFERENCEMoses prayer GOD FORGIVE THEM FOR YOU ARE SLOW TO ANGER (Nu14-17:18) cross REFERENCES God's description of Himself (Ex34-06:07)
Nu15-39bMEANINGTauv-Vav-Resh means a) To spy / explore b) To Explore fantasies
Nu15-34aCONTRADICTIONEx31-14 states GENERAL DEATH penalty. Nu15-34a states SPECIFIC METHOD, STONING.
Nu15-39dDATABASE12 commandments COMMEMORATE the exodus. They negate a) business anxiety b) ritual impurity c) mistreatment of orphans
Nu16-09aREFERENCEThe Levite functions were to a) Assist in Temple SERVICED b) to MINISTER = songs of PRAISE
Nu18-09aMEANINGThese are Priestly gifts FROM the [Time of placement on the] fire
Nu18-23aALIGNMENTLEVITES: Do temple work: JEWS: Don't do. LEVITES: Do temple work. THEY=JEWS bear sin they do.
Nu21-24aREFERENCEThe border city of Amon is named BRAZEN (Nu21-24a) because Amon is protected by prophecy (Dt02-19)
Nu21-06aMEANINGHebrew words can be named by their FEEL. A snake BURN feels like a BURN.
Nu21-21aCONTRADICTIONMOSES sent DELEGATES who requested peace in MOSES name.
Nu22-05cREFERENCERashi illumines the capped words INVITE and HONOR (Nu22-05,17) as meaning money, SILVER AND GOLD (Nu22-18).
Nu22-05aMEANINGRashi paraphrased states: Many governments sought INTERPRETATIVE (PAY TAUV RESH) advice from Bilam. Hence his city was nicknamed INTERPRETATION (PETHORAH).
Nu22-02aGRAMMARBECAUSE of the defeat of these two kings, Balak was very afaid.
Nu22-06aALIGNMENTBALAK (Politician): WARNING shot; leave me along. BILAM(Antisemite): WAR; destruction.
Nu22-29bCONTRADICTIONWhat fools! Bilam is asked to defeat JEWS by CURSE but needs a SWORD to kill his DONKEY.
Nu27-20aREFERENCERashi illumines that the word SPLENDOR (Nu27-20) means BEAMING (Ex34-03).
Nu28-19aALIGNMENTPassover: Jews are OX (Plough God's world); RAM - leaders; SHEEP = Followers
Nu28-19aNON-VERSRELand was divided PER PERSON, not PER TRIBE; Land was divied PER VALUE, not PER AREA.
Nu32-14aGRAMMARYour request for the Transjordan is a JUST-ONE-MORE time argument.
Nu32-16aALIGNMENTGADITES: We care a) Sheep b) children. MOSES: You should care a) Children b) Sheep.
Nu32-17b REFERENCEThe Gadites promised to fight on the front line. This promise is confirmed in the book of Joshua.
Nu32-13a MEANINGThe root NUN-VAV-AYIN means a) to rattle b) cymbals c) demographic wandering.
Nu32-03a GRAMMARAtaroth, Divon ... : The cities which God [just conquered] for the Jews are pasture country and are professions involve pasture.
Nu32-08a CONTRADICTIONThe rebellion of the spies took place in KADESH BARNAYAH in PARAN DESERT; Moses' lost of temper happened in KADESH in TZIN desert.
Nu32-17bNON-VERSREGad volunteered to fight in the front lines BECAUSE he was lion-like and fought well.
nu33-18aSPREADSHEETSHotCoal named after HEATED WORDS
nu33-40aREPETITIONBORDER is sea & its borders = Islands
nu33-44aNEW MEANINGSPlace to let out means OUTSKIRTS
nu33-49aSPREADSHEETSCamp = 12 sq mil;6 border descriptors
nu33-52aROOT+PREPOSITIONYRSH means a)Conquer b)Inherit c)Poor
nu33-52bWORD MEANINGS7 Words for idols-8 Methods of Naming
nu33-52cWORD MEANINGS7 Words for idols-8 Methods of Naming
nu33-53aSTYLECONQUER:dwell:CONQUER.Conquer to dwll
Nu33-53a, Nu33-52aSTYLECONQUER the land IN ORDER TO DWELL in it (It suffices to EXPEL inhabitants).
nu33-54aGRAMMARSometimes a sentence is missing a word
nu33-54bOTHER VERSESIsrael conquered BY TRIBE
nu33-55aSPECIAL WORDSThe Hebrew word ASHER(that)can mean IF
nu33-55bUNIFIED MEANINGS-Ch = THORN,knife;TAH = border;TRR = bundl
nu33-55cUNIFIED MEANINGS-Ch = THORN,knife;TAH = border;TRR = bundl
nu33-55dUNIFIED MEANINGS-Ch = THORN,knife;TAH = border;TRR = bundl
Nu33-01aNON-VERSREThe Jews in the wilderness spent most of the 40 years making 20 stops - about 1 stop every 2 years - thus the wandering was not excessively burdensome.
nu34-04aSPREADSHEETSCamp = 12 sq mil;6 border descriptors
nu34-04aWORD MEANINGSBORDER:roll,jut,descend,to border,hem
nu34-04bGRAMMARRTERMINAL Hey = PREFIX Lamed;Apposition
nu34-04cSPREADSHEETSCamp = 12 sq mil;6 border descriptors
nu34-04dSPREADSHEETSCamp = 12 sq mil;6 border descriptors
nu34-05aSPREADSHEETSCamp = 12 sq mil;6 border descriptors
nu34-06aGRAMMARRTERMINAL Hey = PREFIX Lamed;Apposition
nu34-06bGRAMMARRTERMINAL Hey = PREFIX Lamed;Apposition
nu34-06cREPETITIONBORDER is sea & its borders = Islands
nu34-07aWORD MEANINGSBORDER:roll,jut,descend,to border,hem
nu34-07cUNIFIED MEANINGS-Ch = THORN,knife;TAH = border;TRR = bundl
nu34-07dUNIFIED MEANINGS-Ch = THORN,knife;TAH = border;TRR = bundl
nu34-07dWORD MEANINGSJacobs blessings, are unbounded
nu34-08aSPREADSHEETSCamp = 12 sq mil;6 border descriptors
nu34-08bWORD MEANINGSBORDER:roll,jut,descend,to border,hem
nu34-10aWORD MEANINGSJacobs blessings, are unbounded
nu34-11bWORD MEANINGSBORDER:roll,jut,descend,to border,hem
nu34-15aWORD MEANINGSQDM = before = EAST::Easterly,Easternmost
Nu34-15aMEANINGEAST=before: WEST=backside: SOUTH=right: NORTH=left
nu34-15aWORD MEANINGSThe Names of the 4 Compass positions
nu34-17aGRAMMARThe Hebrew LAMED(to) can mean FOR
nu34-17aGRAMMARThe Hebrew LAMED(to) can mean FOR
Nu34-18aALIGNMENT1) Take one representative per tribe to INHERIT the land. 2) These are the people who God commanded to TRANSFER INHERITANCE to the Jews in Israel.
Nu34-02b MEANINGThe word FALL refers to APPORTIONMENT since APPORTIONMENT is frequently done by casting LOTS which FALL.
Nu34-03aNON-VERSREThe SOUTHERN boundary of Israel is (from east to west) Moab-Jordan river, Edom, Egypt-Nile.
nu35-02aNEW MEANINGSPlace to let out means OUTSKIRTS
Nu35-02a Nu35-04aCONTRADICTIONInner 1000 cubits of city outskirts: FOR LIVESTOCK. Outer 1000 cubits: FOR LIVESTOCK, GARDENS.
nu35-02aCONTRADICTION1st 1000 for Livestock;2nd for garden
nu35-03aUNIFIED MEANINGLIFE means RECURRENCE--scab,same time...
nu35-04aCONTRADICTION1st 1000 for Livestock;2nd for garden
Nu35-11aWORD MEANINGSThe Hebrew KRH means To Prepare/Designate
nu35-12aOTHER VERSESREDEEMER = relative;ATONEMENT = monetary
Nu35-12a REFERENCENu35-12 speaks about saving the accidental murderer from the avenger; There is no death penalty if the avenger kills the murderer (Dt19-06)
Nu35-13aSPECIAL WORDS The Hebrew root HYH always denotes emphasis
Nu35-14aREASONS/IMPLICATIONSWhy were refuge cities unfairly allocated ?
Nu35-16aDOUBLE PARSHASRashi aligns 5 verses dealing with murder
Nu35-16aFORMATMake 6 refuge cities for NEGLIGENT murder (Nu35-09:15) a) Willful murder tried (Nu35-16:21); b) Negligent murder goes there (Nu35-22:28)
Nu35-17bDOUBLE PARSHASRashi aligns 5 verses dealing with murder
Nu35-18aDOUBLE PARSHASRashi aligns 5 verses dealing with murder
nu35-20aALIGNMENTInheritance no reverts;3 HATRED words
Nu35-22aMEANINGPITHOM = suddenly. PETHA = unexpectedly.
nu35-23aALIGNMENTInheritance no reverts;3 HATRED words
nu35-27aNEW MEANINGShe has BLOOD = guilty of BLOODSHED
Nu35-29a ALIGNMENTThe laws of libations only apply in Israel; The laws of courts of murder apply in Israel and outside Israel.
nu35-30aNEW MEANINGSBEAT-SOUL = murder vs BEAT = injure
nu35-31aOTHER VERSESREDEEMER = relative;ATONEMENT = monetary
nu35-31aUNIFIED MEANINGKPR = (a)Tar like covering;(b)Cleaning
Nu35-33aWORD MEANINGSFlattery = Making things look better than they are
nu35-34aREPETITIONI *do* dwell in Israel EVEN in sin
nu35-34aSYNONYMSTauv-Vav-Caph = CENTRALLY IN;Beth = IN
nu35-34bREPETITIONI *do* dwell in Israel EVEN in sin
Nu35-2NON-VERSREJews camped from BETH YESHIMOTH to AVAYL SHITTIM = 12 Square miles.
Nu35-32b GRAMMARThe INFINITIVE FORM can also indicate ATTRIBUTION. Hence Nu35-32b translates as Don't take bribes for a FLEED to a refuge city
Nu35-32bFORMATDon't take bribes either 1) for purposes of fleeing to a refuge city OR 2) for purposes of leaving a refuge city early.
nu36-03aSpreadsheets Rashi presents a loophole in the inheritance law
Nu36-04aSPECIAL WORDS The word IF can occasionally mean WHEN
Nu36-08aOTHER VERSESRashis derivation comes from ANOTHER verse
nu36-08bALIGNMENTInheritance no reverts;3 HATRED words
nu36-11aGRAMMARRCompound order--many methods
Nu36-11aSTYLE In what order do you list items in a verse
dt01-01aSPECIAL WORDS>THE< can be used in 4 ways