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From: rhendel@mcs.drexel.edu (Russell Hendel) Date: Mon, 6 Jan 1997 13:17:01 -0500 Subject: Drinking On Purim: 3 Examples: 1 Rule 1) Rachi Messing [v25n58] asks about the "mitzvah" of drinking on Yom Tov. The talmud [Megillah 7b] states "One should drink on Purim until one doesn't know the difference between 'Bless Mordechai' and 'Curse Haman'". The Rambam however [Megillah, 2:15] modifies this to exclude damages: "A person should drink till he falls asleep." 2) It is a well established custom that people "throw candy" at a Chathan when he gets his Ofroof aliyah on the Shabbath before his wedding. However in the synagogue where I am now affiliated there were several instances of children being a little bit too enthuiastic and some people were hurt in a minor way (mostly other children). The Rabbi of my synagogue therefore instituted the custom of using a trap door in the ceiling which is pulled open so that the candy can "fall" on the chathan. 3) The Talmud [Baba Metziah, 56] explains that the laws governing the responsibility of lenders and watchers of articles do not apply e.g. to temple loans or to real estate. A remarkable Rambam [Hire, 2:3] states: But of course a lender of real estate is only exempt from responsibility in e.g. cases of theft..but if the lender damaged the property than "obviously" he is liable." The Rambam concludes: "..And this is 'clear' to those who really understand matters." In all 3 cases certain leniencies---to get drunk, throw candy, not be responsible for watched articles--do NOT override the prohibitions of negligence and damage. Russell Jay Hendel, Ph.d., ASA, rhendel @ mcs drexel edu