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From: Russell Hendel <rhendel@mcs.drexel.edu> Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 21:59:27 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Reporting email violators to non jews and Rav Saadia Gaon The fascinating business ethics question of what to do with an orthodox worker who is visiting adult sites and chat rooms was raised in v28n64 and continued in v28n66 by David Stuhlman & Debbi Wegner. I just want to respond to the points already made: 1) The suggestion of mailing the whole office again and telling them that people have been caught and will be cited is not advisable because it creates the incorrect impression that many company people are violating the policy (when in fact only one is). Clearly this would create a bad atmosphere/moral and is not desirable. 2) The question "What difference does it matter if he is orthodox or Jewish" is excellent---embarassing someone is a tort (the same as hitting someone). It is EQUALLY BIBLICALLY prohibited to both Jew and non jew. Similarly protection/respect of property rights applies equally to jew and non jew. 3) The suggestion "Well the guy violated policy...tell your boss and it is not your problem" is incorrect---the systems manager was DELEGATED responsibility for the task and is therefore MORALLY responsible himself for HOW he IMPLEMENTS this responsibility. 4) Although this has not been explicitly stated: 4a) while there is no real status of EMBARASSMENT to a culprit who is caught, nevertheless, 4b) if you can warn/catch him without embarassment you should do so My advice (modifying the already submitted suggestions) is as follows: a) A Lan manager can see that a note is received only by a certain group. Therefore let the lan manager send a note IN GENERAL terms but only to the people violating policy: e.g. "The recipients of this note have been found violating company policy. In one week a final report will be sent to the boss who will probably fire/fine/penalize them". b) If necessary, a note of paper can be left on the persons desk stating You were found visiting the following sites..My final report will be sent in a week and if you are still visiting you will be reported". c) The lan manager should give some period (e.g a week or two) and say that he will only report those still violating policy at the end of this time period. This solution a) gives the violator time to repent b) gives the lan manager the right to fully support company policy. Eg his report can read: "There were several violators found: However after a preliminary warning the number of violators dropped to zero. Further details available on request." c) Allows the lan manager to IMPLEMENT company policy in a manner consistent with Jewish morals Allow me to conclude with a famous story attributed to Rabbi Saadia Gaon. While walking with the king a jew came up and insulted the King and Rav Saadia. The King told Rav Saadia "How dare he insult you, my appointee. Cut off his tongue". Rav Saadia investigated and found the person was horribly poor--he gave him a new job. A few months later the King and Rav Saadia passed by and the person came out and praised Rav Saadia. The King angrily retorted "I thought I told you to cut off his tongue". Rav Saadia politely responded: "I did--I gave him a new one" The moral? It is important for middle management (like Rav Saadia and the lan manager) to realize that they can positively influence people and inject halacha into secular situations. Russell Jay Hendel; Phd ASA RHendel @ mcs drexel edu Dept of Math and Comp Science Moderator; Rashi Is Simple http://www.shamash.org/rashi/