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From: Russell Hendel <rhendel@saber.towson.edu> Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 08:43:26 -0500 (EST) Subject: RE: Kollel Some historical information might supplement the thread on Kollenicks nicely I have heard that the early Chasiddishe Rebbeim when they came to America had as one of their priorities finding descent jobs for their followers where 'decent' means avoiding chillul shabbos, relatively tzniuthdik, a good living etc. There are still such searches today--for example computer programmers make a good salary and can eg work from home via telnet. Another example might be the newspaper article I saw on Lakewood a decade or so ago that the Rashay Yeshiva there were looking into real estate jobs for their students (in passing I don't know whatever happened to that approach). My point is that it is not for us to judge the past. Even if kollelism was a reasonable way of life in certain european societies (where Jews were prohibited from jobs) still, today, in America, with its wealth of jobs, I would think that it is possible for a person to ---make a good living ---avoid chillul shabbos ---keep standards of tzniuth ---have adequate time for many hours of learning a day. In light of the above I would suggest switching the topic to "SHOULD KOLLELISM CONTINUE IN AMERICA vs A MOVEMENT TO FIND JOBS THAT WOULD ALLOW MASS AMOUNTS OF TIME TO LEARN TORAH" Russell Hendel; Ph.d, ASA; Towson Univ; http://www.shamash.org/rashi/