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From: Russell Hendel <rhendel@saber.towson.edu> Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2000 20:23:37 -0500 (EST) Subject: How to Both Learn and Work all Day Just a quick footnote on some of the postings in Volume 30 Number 53 which suggest that there are two possibilities a) learning all day in a Kollel b) working and learning. In my article, TOWARDS A DEFINITION OF TORAH, AOJS VOL III-IV (reprints available upon email request with an address) I suggested (based on a Rav Hirsch) that the Messianic goal is to COMBINE both these goals. For example, suppose you work in a hardware repair shop. There is a whole tractate called UTENSILS. Thus every time I pick up a broken utensil I immeidately think of many halacoth---eg i) what type of utensil is it--functional or spatial, ii) what is the status of its handles, iii) which of its nails/screws are capable of receiving unclean/clean status iv) what is the status of its cover etc. In this way I spend my entire day learning--some learning will be intense while during my work hours I am 'randomly reviewing'. In a similar manner a surgeon can review 'the laws of ritual slaughtering' while doing surgery, the high school math teacher reviews the laws of calendars while teaching. Russell Hendel; Math; Towson; RHendel@Towson.edu Moderator Rashi Is SImple; http://www.shamash.org/rashi/