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From: Russell Hendel <rhendel@saber.towson.edu> Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 18:19:35 -0500 (EST) Subject: Learning/Working all day Some quick answers to Josh Hoexter, Gershon and "several others" (v30n84) who asked some specific questions on my thesis that the goal (particularly) in messianic times is to combine both Torah and work. QUESTION: What is your source (or Rav Hirsch's source) that in the Messianic era we will combine Torah and work. ANSWER: Rav Hirsch cites verses like (Jer 3:16) "And in those days they will no longer mention the ark of God (Because everthing will be holy)" or Zech 14:20:21 "And all pots in Jerusalem and Judah will be HOLY to GOD.." In other words the holy and profane will blend together. I suggested that one way of implementing this is thru Talmud Torah in all spheres of life at all times. Rav HIrsch just speaks about Kedusha permeating all of life. QUESTION: What king of surgeon can think of Schitah? A hardware man will lose customers if he learns UTENSILS and concentrating on irrelevant Torah" The Moderator advises us that several people want to avoid this surgeon who thinks about Shchitah during surgery. You miss my point the laws of UTENSILS and the needs of the hardware man are one and the same. The anatomy of the body under surgery and the anatomy of the animal are the same. As a simple example while selling cooking pots the hardware salesperson may remember the laws about handles and market accordingly (eg "Oh these two pots HOLD the same (HOLDING is a halachic concept) but the handles here are softer and this pot is not that much more expensive). If you look thru Utensils you will see it is really possible for an ordinary hardware man to think about the Mishnayoth all day. Similarly a person who is operating on a person may see certain diseased organs and SIMULTANEOUSLY (that is my point) remember both his med books and Schitah pictures (My point is that it is not something extra). Russell Hendel;Math Towson Univ; Moderator Rashi Is Simple http://www.shamash.org/rashi/