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From: Russell Hendel <rhendel@saber.towson.edu> Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 00:25:52 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Chumrash Mehadrin and Not Embarassing People A word about CHUMRAS and MEHADRIN. I attended the Ravs (Rabbi Soloveitchicks) lecture for 7 years. One Saturday night the Rav cancelled. So, since I had nothing to do I went and attended the Bostoner Rebbes (from Har Nof) melaveh malkah. I heard the following beautiful story which I have never forgotten It is related of one of the great Chassidic Rebbes (I forget which one) that he once entered a house and commented that he sensed "Something special". Someone suggested that the owner went to a special forest to get pure water for baking Matzohs every year. "This is important" the Rebbe said , "but is not what I sensed". Finally the following story came out: One year after having obtained the Passover water, the maid of the house accidentally used it for washing the floor. Upon finding this out the owner was careful, not only not to embarass her, but did not even explain to the maid what she did! That passover the Matzohs had ordinary Water. Yes...Yes... the Rebbe said---this is exactly what I sensed. The conclusion: It is allright to have chumrahs provided you don't tell anyone about them and you don't embarass or put anyone down. I don't see the (halachik) logic of having chumras in Kashruth and modesty if simultaneously serious Biblical prohibitions of causing anguish to ones fellow Jew are violated. Russell Jay Hendel; Phd ASA Moderator Rashi is Simple http://www.RashiYomi.Com/ PS If anyone knows which Chassiden Rebbe the above story is connected with kindly let us know