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From: Russell Hendel <rhendel@saber.towson.edu> Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 20:36:11 -0400 (EDT) Subject: A Psak from the CHAZON ISH on ALiyah Reuben Tekoa in v33n9 makes an eloquent analogy between on the one hand people who "continuously profess love for a woman and never do anything about it" and on the other hand people who "continuously profess love for Israel and never do anything about it (ie visit it infrequently)" But continuing the Aliyah thread we have had on Mail Jewish for the past 2-3 volumes I would **simply** answer by supplying a reason: A person (eg teenager) who cannot affor to marry a woman is certainly better off praising her continuously and NOT visiting with her till he can afford it. Furthermore (really), I am sure we would all advise this teenager **not** to walk into an early marriage on the grounds that it is having Faith in God and hope that "things work out". So I reiterate the point I (and others) have been making on mail jewish: It would be wrong to jump into aliyah unless you can really afford it. Most people do not realize what it feels like to go to a lower standard of living--such a descent can really offset all the advantages of aliyah. Finally (for what is worth) I have finally recalled a PSAK on this issue. My uncle when he was 13 went with my grandparents to Israel. It was love at 1st sight and my uncle did not want to go back (this was in the 50s). My grandparents did not know what to do. They finally all agreed to abide by a psak of the CHAZON ISH who spent a half hour with my uncle and convinced him to go home. The point is, that Aliyah with the wrong preparations can do more harm than good. Russell Hendel; Phd ASA; Dept of Math Towson; rhendel@towson.edu Moderator Rashi is Simple http://www.RashiYomi.Com NEW NEW IMPROVED