You can use your browser to find items

Suppose for example had just purchased a Mezuzah and you
wanted to find a posting on Mezuzah? Or suppose you were
interested in Prophecy

Then you should do as follows
  The  Control key is on the lower right/left of your keyboard

--A Find dialog box appears

--Simply type in the word you are looking for
  For example you could type in Mezuzah or Prophecy

--You can then click the FIND button on the right

--You can also check the LOOK UP or LOOK DOWN
  radio buttons

--If after looking up and down you have not found what you are
  looking for you can click the  ASK JUDAICA QUESTIONS on
  the top of the page

--If you found what you want you can browse other postings
  in the same group.

--To return to the main page simply click the BACK button
  at the top of your browser.