Parshat Shemini
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30 Rashi Rules
lv09-01bDATABASEELDERS OF ISRAEL = Assuage Complaints
Lv09-02aDATABASEPriest inauguration: Only time an offering has a CALF - it atones for golden CALF
lv09-02bGRAMMARRFOR ME connotes PERSONAL emphasis
lv09-02bGRAMMARRFOR HIM connotes a PERSONAL aspect
Lv09-04aSYMBOLISMBring these offerings for their fire symbolism will trigger a prophetic vision from God.
lv09-07aALIGNMENTPortions to males; but ALL eat;
lv09-07bOTHER VERSESCross references of sacrifices
lv09-07cOTHER VERSESCross references of sacrifices
Lv09-07dREFERENCECalf throughout the Bible means under 2 (Lv09-07)
Lv09-07dRabIshmael1 verse with specific meaning may illumine many verses
Lv09-12aGRAMMARRoot MEM-TZADE-ALEPH means a) to FIND in the active mode and b) to PRESENT in the causative mode (Cause someone else to FIND).
lv09-15aOTHER VERSES(Priestly)blessing;down(from altar)..
lv09-15bOTHER VERSESOffer NATION sin offering like FIRST
lv09-16aOTHER VERSESCross references of sacrifices
lv09-17aOTHER VERSESCross references of sacrifices
lv09-17bOTHER VERSES(Priestly)blessing;down(from altar)..
lv09-19aOTHER VERSESCross references of sacrifices
lv09-22aOTHER VERSES(Priestly)blessing;down(from altar)..
lv09-22bOTHER VERSES(Priestly)blessing;down(from altar)..
lv09-24aWORD MEANINGSDRAG = foodpipe,RAISE FOODPIPE = chew cud
lv10-02aGRAMMARRPriest-death-->Wine:Indicates Cause
Lv10-02aGRAMMARParagraph juxtaposition can indicate causation.
Lv10-03aOTHER VERSESRashis derivation comes from ANOTHER verse
lv10-03bDATABASEGOD SPOKE TO AARON in only 2 Mtzvoth
lv10-03dGRAMMARRPriest-death-->Wine:Indicates Cause
lv10-03dDATABASESGod is honored when He judges wicked
lv10-04aOTHER VERSESUziel was Aaron-s uncle
lv10-05aRabbiIshmaelAarons sons died by FIRE of prophecy
Lv10-05aCONTRADICTIONNadav, Avihu died by a prophetic fire - It burned souls but not clothes
lv10-06aUNIFIED MEANINGPay-Resh-Ayin means EXPOSED
lv10-06bSPECIAL WORDS>VAV< can mean >LEST< or >OTHERWISE<
Lv10-06cSTYLEAll Jews must mourn the death of ANY scholar like Nadav, Avihu
lv10-06cSTYLEJews mourn Nadav/Avihu = Mourn scholars
lv10-09aWORD MEANINGSShin-Caph-Resh means AGED Wine
lv10-09bNEW MEANINGSTemple = Entire temple, Temple building
Lv10-12c REFERENCEEAT THE MINCHAH (Lv10-12c) refers to the Consecration MINCHAH (Lv09-01:04)
lv10-13aALIGNMENTPortions to males; but ALL eat;
lv10-14aOTHER VERSESTzitz tied by Azure Thread on Turban
Lv10-14bDOUBLE PARSHASWHO can eat priestly gifts?WHERE can they eat
lv10-14cALIGNMENTPortions to males; but ALL eat;
lv10-15aSYNONYMSWAIVED = horizontally;OSCILLATED = vrtcal
Lv10-15b Lv09-20aALIGNMENTOwner brings fat ON breast;waiving priest has breast ON fat.
lv10-16cGRAMMARRTO BE SAID = 1)response 2)transmit
lv10-20aOTHER VERSESOffer NATION sin offering like FIRST
lv11-01bGRAMMARRTO BE SAID = 1)response 2)transmit
Lv11-02cSPECIAL WORDSThe word THIS, indicates something being pointed to
lv11-02dGRAMMARTHIS refers;THIS points to KNOWN/UNKNOWN
lv11-02dGRAMMARTHIS refers;THIS points to KNOWN/UNKNOWN
lv11-03aWORD MEANINGSFins,scales,insect(RUNS),split(RIP)..
lv11-03bWORD MEANINGS2nd = VP;HIGH HAND = brazenly;TurnMrn = Dwn
lv11-03dWORD MEANINGSDRAG = foodpipe,RAISE FOODPIPE = chew cud
lv11-03eWORD MEANINGSDRAG = foodpipe,RAISE FOODPIPE = chew cud
lv11-09aWORD MEANINGSFins,scales,insect(RUNS),split(RIP)..
lv11-09bWORD MEANINGSFins,scales,insect(RUNS),split(RIP)..
lv11-10aWORD MEANINGSFins,scales,insect(RUNS),split(RIP)..
Lv11-12aFORMATFishes without fins/scales IN WATER may not be eaten; but if they had fins/scales in water and lost them on land they are kosher.
lv11-18aWORD MEANINGSDRAG = foodpipe,RAISE FOODPIPE = chew cud
lv11-19bROOT+PREPOSITIONANF = anger; HithAnaf = To take out on
Lv11-20a MEANINGShin-Resh-Tzade = crawling animal; Ayin-Vav-Pay = birds; Shin-Resh-Tzade-Ayin-Vav-Pay - crawling-birds = insect type flies.
lv11-21bRabbiIshmaelEXAMPLES are LITERAL if they're REPEATED
lv11-24aGRAMMARRTHIS can refer to FUTURE/PAST listing
lv11-30aWORD MEANINGSDRAG = foodpipe,RAISE FOODPIPE = chew cud
lv11-33aSYNONYMSTauv-Vav-Caph = CENTRALLY IN;Beth = IN
Lv11-33bSPECIAL WORDSALL means everything;it is used in 5 ways
lv11-35aWORD MEANINGSSpill-ooze::Cut-Sandpaper::Oven-Stove
Lv11-36aSPECIAL WORDSThe Hebrew word ACH means USUALLY or MOST OF
Lv11-36a MEANINGThe Hebrew Aleph-Caph means USUALLY, connoting exceptions.
Lv11-40aALIGNMENTTOUCHING a dead animal makes YOU ritually impure; CARRYING a dead animal makes YOU & YOUR CLOTHING ritually impure
Lv11-42bSPECIAL WORDSALL means everything;it is used in 5 ways
Lv11-42cSPECIAL WORDSALL means everything;it is used in 5 ways
lv11-44aDOUBLE PARSHAS25 Mtzvth use the phrase >I AM GOD<
Lv11-45aDOUBLE PARSHASThe Egyptian exodus is mentioned by only 10 Mtzvt
lv11-45aDOUBLE PARSHAS25 Mtzvth use the phrase >I AM GOD<
lv11-45aDOUBLE PARSHASA dozen commandments mention the Exodus
Lv11-24bSTYLEGENERAL:To these you will become ritually impure DETAIL: [BY] touching their carcasses - you'll be impure till eve.
Lv11-35bDATABASEImpure clay utensils have no remedy; they must be broken
lv12-02aOVERALL STRUCTURETorah uses plant-animal-human order