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Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 21:51:16 -0400
From: rhendel@mcs.drexel.edu (Russell Hendel)
Subject: Re: Rainbows

My hearty congratulations and Yasher Coach to Mr Faturechi for making the
following excellent points in a recent torah forum posting

>  >  (Paraphrased) How can we think that seeing a rainbow is bad
>  >  and should be avoided. The halacha is clear---we must say
>  >  a blessing over it.

And indeed I might add that according to halacha one must actively seek to
say 100 blessings every day.

Why is this insight so valuable? Because Mr Faturechi is telling us that in
a conflict of halacha (seeking/saying blessings) and obscure Moosar (seeing
the rainbow is a bad omen because it represents G-ds wrath) we should
always go with halacha.

Yasher Coach
Russell Jay Hendel; PHd; ASA; rhendel @mcs drexel edu