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Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 21:22:08 -0400
From: rhendel@mcs.drexel.edu (Russell Hendel)
Subject: RE: Conversion

I am responding to your email about conversion. There are many fine
orthodox synagogues in the state of Texas. I was at a few mathematical
conventions in texas (houston, San antonio...) I remember staying by a
Rabby Sheinberg in one of them. Anyway..use the Yellow pages...look up
Orthodox synagogues...call a few and tell them your situation.  Wait till
you find someone you like.

If you find Rabbi Sheinberg speak to him (I forget if he is in SA or
Houston and how to spell his name...his father was a great Rabbi who
published alot.

I know what you are going thru. My sister is helping a deaf person convert
with the Rabbi to her community.
Good luck in your search for the true religion

Russell Jay Hendel