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Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 19:00:43 -0400 (EDT)
From: Russell Hendel <  rhendel@mcs.drexel.edu>
Subject: Re: Bat Mitzvahs

Michael Hamm (Torah Forum VOl 4 Num 86) responded to my recollection that
my brother in law made a siyyum at my neices bat mitzvah by retorting that
he (Michael) knew of a bat mitzvah girl who finished Maseceth Megillah.

I cite the Rav (Soloveitchick). The Rav was against teaching 12 year olds
Gmarrah (boys and girls) EVEN if that meant that an Israeli in a secular
school never learned Gmarrah. "It is like teaching advanced physics before
you even know Calculus", the Rav said.

So to answer Michael, while I have nothing against women learning (certain
things) and while I think it is important to sanctify a new minhag (like
Bat Mitzvahs) nevertheless I think a 12 year old girl should be doing other
things with her friends than learning Gmarrah.

In passing, my neice(s) both gave very elaborate divray torah at their bat
mitzvah and I (their uncle) helped my brother in law by giving a short
discource on a difficult economic portion in Ketuboth.

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