The 30 Rashi skill Competencies
by Dr Russell Jay Hendel
(c) Apr 2002 RashiYomi Incorporated

* The Table of Contents below lists the 30 Skill competencies needed to read Rashi.
* Each skill competency is assigned a distinct module.
* Each distinct module describes a basic skill with illustrative examples & exercises
* I, Russell Jay Hendel, personally guarantee that any student, whether a novice or Gadol, who completes these modules will be able to reproduce, by themselves, Rashis comments, on 50-75% of all Biblical verses.

While this list of 30 skill competnecies is complete, the linking modules are only available on some of them. We plan to update the links at the rate of between 1 and 2 a week. At that time this workbook will be complete. At that time (Next Rosh Hashana) we will also have a word document form available. After that we will still update exercise links as needed.

The material in these workbooks comes from the 10 year RashiYomi database research project begun in December 1999. The material in these workbooks is Copyrighted AND registered. However it is distributed free on condition that it is not altered and that the copyright statement is retained. As each module is completed the word DONE is placed next to its number. Occasionally based on reader input we will UPDATE, DONE links & will place the word UPDATE. We start with 5 DONE modules