Parshat Vayigash
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30 Rashi Rules
gn44-07aWORD MEANINGS4 Powerful translation techniques
Gn44-10aSPECIAL WORDSThe Hebrew word GAM means ALSO-it is used in 3 ways
gn44-10aSPECIAL WORDSALSO:YOU(+men),JEWS(+infants);...
Gn44-13bGRAMMARGoing **TO** A PLACE can be indicated by 2 methods
gn44-15aWORD MEANINGSLAMB = docile;SNAKE = JUMP to conclusions
Gn44-16aGRAMMAR Rashi teaches standard conjugation of verbs
Gn44-16bGRAMMAR The phrase the God(vsgod) connotes judicial process
gn44-18aNEW MEANINGSALONE TO = only; SPEAK IN EAR = entreat
gn44-20bNEW MEANINGSALONE TO = only; SPEAK IN EAR = entreat
gn44-22aOVERALL STRCTRJudah used EXAGERATION to try & free Ben
gn44-29aOVERALL STRCTRJudah used EXAGERATION to try & free Ben
gn44-29bOVERALL STRCTRJudah used EXAGERATION to try & free Ben
gn44-31aOVERALL STRCTRJudah used EXAGERATION to try & free Ben
gn44-33aDATABASEJudah calls Ben KID;to sub for him
Gn44-33cSPECIAL WORDS The Hebrew word NA means PLEASE; there are 4 cases
gn44-40aOVERALL STRCTRJudah used EXAGERATION to try & free Ben
gn44-40bOVERALL STRCTRJudah used EXAGERATION to try & free Ben
Gn44-18cREFERENCEJudah said: YOU ASKED ABOUT OUR RELATIVES (Gn44-18c). But Gn42-07 shows it wasn't just ASKING but INTERROGATION
Gn44-20aALIGNMENTJoseph ISN'T HERE vs. Joseph is DEAD. Judah white-lied to prevent being forced to find Joseph.
gn45-01aWORD MEANINGSBow;Msh = present;APK = stream;CMR = spotted
Gn45-02aFORMATa) EGYPT=Egyptian people,heard; b)Pharoh's HOUSE=Pharoh's staff, heard.
gn45-02aALIGNMENTPHAROHS HOUSE = His staff;PLEASE = friendly
Gn45-03aDOUBLE NOUNSWord repetition indicates a different meaning
gn45-03aDOUBLE NOUNSREPEATING = emphasis,closeness,nonstandard
gn45-04aALIGNMENTPHAROHS HOUSE = His staff;PLEASE = friendly
gn45-05aWORD MEANINGSMem-Cheth-Yud-Hey means SURVIVOR
gn45-06aSPREADSHEETSThere were 7 years of famine.2 passed
gn45-08aWORD MEANINGSFATHER = friend;FAT = best;PG = immature
gn45-09aROOT+PREPOSITIONALH = a)Go up b)withdraw c)withrdraw to
Gn45-09aNON-VERSREYou COME UP to Israel which is perceived at the TOP/center of the world.
gn45-09aSPREADSHEETSIsrael is perceived at TOP of world
gn45-11aGRAMMARRYRSH has 3 meanings depending on MODE
gn45-11aGRAMMARRYRSH means a)conquer b)Poor c)inherit
Gn45-12bSTYLEGENERAL: You my brothers see: DETAIL: My full brother Benjamin sees (HINT: I like you as much as him).
gn45-14aGRAMMARR7 meanings of AYIN-LAMED:Near,Besides...
Gn45-14aROOT+PREPOSITION The Hebrew root BCH can mean CRY, MOURN...
gn45-14bGRAMMARR7 meanings of AYIN-LAMED:Near,Besides...
Gn45-14bROOT+PREPOSITION The Hebrew root BCH can mean CRY, MOURN...
gn45-15aGRAMMARRWe feel guilty...hence Joe cries
Gn45-15bREFERENCEAFTERWARDS his brothers spoke with him (Gn45-15b) REFERENCES (Gn45-03) His brothers couldn't speak because they were frightened
gn45-16aGRAMMARRConnectives words sometimes missing
gn45-16aUNIFIED MEANINGChet-Lamed-Beth means the BEST
gn45-17aGRAMMARRIS THIS your son's:[IT IS] My Son's
gn45-18aOTHER VERSESANGRY = fight,who sold me;BestLand = Rmst
gn45-18bWORD MEANINGSFATHER = friend;FAT = best;PG = immature
gn45-23aRabbiIshmael1st state the HEADLINE:Then the DETAILS
gn45-23aRabbiIshmaelREPETITION can give SPECIFICITY to LAWS
gn45-23bEXAMPLE9Bible describes 4 stages of a meal
gn45-23cEXAMPLE9Bible describes 4 stages of a meal
gn45-23dEXAMPLE9Bible describes 4 stages of a meal
gn45-24aOTHER VERSESANGRY = fight,who sold me;BestLand = Rmst
gn45-26aUNIFIED MEANINGKI has 7 meanings:That,if,when,perhaps..
gn45-26bWORD MEANINGSFATHER = friend;FAT = best;PG = immature
Gn45-27bSTYLEGENERAL: Jacobs spirit LIVED DETAIL: God appeared to Jacob in the VISIONS of the night RASHI: The LIVING of Jacob's spirit refers solely to renewal of VISION/PROPHECY
gn45-28aSPECIAL WORDS>Ayin-Vuv-Daled< means >AGAIN<
gn45-28aSPECIAL WORDS>Ayin-Vuv-Daled< means >AGAIN<
Gn46-01aGRAMMARGoing **TO** A PLACE can be indicated by 2 methods
gn46-01aGRAMMARRTERMINAL Hey = PREFIX Lamed;Apposition
Gn46-01bDATABASEJacob uses GOD OF ISAAC vs. GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC because person close with father.
Gn46-02aSTYLE Repetition of a name (eg JACOB JACOB) denotes endearment
gn46-02aDOUBLE NOUNSREPEATING = emphasis,closeness,nonstandard
gn46-04aOTHER VERSESJacob will go to Israel(After death!)
gn46-07aOTHER VERSESRashi cites other verses to prove point
gn46-08aGRAMMARRPresent conjugation = Gerund /PastPrfct
Gn46-10aDOUBLE PARSHASOnly 1person has his mother mentioned in Gn46-why?
gn46-12aWORD MEANINGSFATHER = friend;FAT = best;PG = immature
gn46-15bCONTRADICTIONGod THREATENED 7 famine yrs;brought 2
Gn46-19aDOUBLE PARSHAS Rashi aligns the verses on Jacobs 4 wives.
gn46-26aGRAMMARRashi teaches grammar by >near misses<
gn46-26aGRAMMARRAlmost same spelling-different meanings
gn46-26aGRAMMARRLLeen = a night stay; LLoon = to inn over
Gn46-26aSPREADSHEETSVarious counts of the 70 people that came to Egypt
Gn46-27aPRONOUNS The Hebrew pronoun OTHO means ONLY IT.
Gn46-28a Gn46-28bGRAMMARThe phrase YOUR WORDS WILL BE TRUTHIFIED means they will be PROVEN. (Noun (truth) becomes Verb (truthify))
Gn46-29aSTYLEThe phrase HE GOT UP IN THE MORNING can emphasize 3 things
gn46-29cSPECIAL WORDS>Ayin-Vuv-Daled< means >AGAIN<
gn46-29cSPECIAL WORDS>Ayin-Vuv-Daled< means >AGAIN<
gn46-30aNEW MEANINGSIF ONLY I COULD DIE = I am so happy
gn46-30aNEW MEANINGSIf only I could die now!
gn46-31aGRAMMARRSentences composed of 2 verses
gn46-34aOTHER VERSESRashi cites other verses to prove point
gn46-34bOTHER VERSESRashi cites other verses to prove point
gn47-02aDOUBLE NOUNSREPEATING = emphasis,closeness,nonstandard